ViewSonic gTablet Review

ViewSonic gTablet Review

The ViewSonic gTablet helps bridge the gap between the lower specification budget offerings, and the more powerful tablets like the iPad Galaxy 2 and Tab. If $ 500 + seems like too much money to spend on your new tablet computer so this could just be the tablet for you. But how does it hold up when you take a closer look at its features?

Key specifications for ViewSonic gTablet

* Cost about $ 260
* First released in late 2010
* Features Android 2.2 2 OS
* 13 X 2.7 75 X 9.7 75 Inches in size
* Weighs 2.5 lb   1.1 13 Kg
* 10 Inch screen
* 1024X600 resolution
* 16GB storage (expandable up to 32GB)
* NVidia Tegra 2 Dual 1 GHz processor
* Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
* 1.3 MP Camera
* 8 – 10 Hours of battery life

The great things about ViewSonic gTablet

Battery life: With 8-10 hours average battery life, the gTablet really is up there with the best (including the iPad, Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab). What’s really impressive is the fact that the ViewSonic tablet doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as its competitors in this field. This is a huge benefit for a much larger budget tablet offering.

Extensible Storage: Although ViewSonic gTablet only comes with a basic storage option (a mid-range 16GB), you can expand it up to another 32GB with the included micro SD card slot. This is a great boost. Again, the storage size, great value specified in the budget price of this tablet.

Price: If you had not guessed it already from the above items, the price is another reason to consider buying this tablet computer. Is under $ 300, which is far less than the higher-end tablets out there and only slightly more than the budget offers. The nice thing is that it is much more powerful than the dearer tablets, and not far from the expensive devices are powerful NVIDIA (also used by the likes of Xoom, Galaxy Tab, the Eee Path and others).

Ports: There are plenty of ports on this high-value tablet. This includes a USB port (for external storage or keyboard), mini-USB port and an HDMI port for connecting a large-screen HDTV. This is more than tablets, such as the iPhone 2 has to offer!

Display: In contrast to some of the best budget tablets out there, this one includes multi-touch. This is a far more advanced type of touch screen technology including the high-end tablets. This means you can use controls on the touch screen in two places to make (important for some apps and games). The viewing angle on the screen does not quite match more expensive rivals, however. This effectively means that you will find it harder to see what is on screen when you do not see it straight on.

Some things not so good with gTablet

Operating System: Although there are many advantages associated with running the Android operating system, it is not the latest version of Android. The version that runs on gTablet (2.2 ) was not originally designed for tablets, and not all Android Apps will work on it. Fortunately, it still has the ability to run Flash, if it is a feature you’re looking for (for Flash games and videos on websites).

Camera: The built-in webcam is great quality at 1.3 Megapixels, and will do the job you need it to do (to make video calls over an Internet connection).

No 3G access: Although you should expect it on a tablet at this price and is unable to connect to the 3G mobile broadband. This means you are limited to connect only when there is an available Wi-Fi hotspot.

Apps: Although the tablet is running on Android, it does not actually have the Android Market app store out of the box. This is an alternative App Store, which is more limited, but you will still be able to find most of the major apps you’d be interested in (check the specific program you want is available before you buy).

Interface: The device uses “Tap N ‘Tap’, which has replaced the default Android interface. , Which does not provide the same level of experience, so you might want to switch back to the Android 2.2 Interface (thankfully a ViewSonic update made this option available).

Weight: Has a weight of 2.5 pounds, This is not the lightest tablet available. This will be noticeable when using the tablets for longer periods of time, you may find it less comfortable to hold up. Fortunately, the keyboard docks available to help solve this problem, and the tablet is still highly portable and small in size.

Viewsonic G-Tablet Review Video
Software review of the Viewsonic 10” Tegra 2 G-Tablet


This is an excellent value tablet buy if you’re not too bothered about not having the latest version of Android. As long as you still find the older version easy enough to use (which you probably will if you have ever used it before on a smartphone) and is not too bothered about some of the latest applications are not compatible, then ViewSonic gTablet will probably do everything you need. The fact that the ability to custom firmware to override the installed “Tap N ‘Tap’  has been an enormous advantage.

It’s got a good processor, a webcam for video calls, a good size screen, and it does not look bad either! This is definitely a contender for the biggest Android tablet based on the fact that it will cost much less!


ViewSonic gTablet with 10″ Multi-Touch LCD Screen, Android OS 2.2
publisher: ViewSonic
EAN: 0766907558319
sales rank: 8
price: Too low to display (new), $249.95 (used)

Tablet with 10” Multi-Touch LCD Screen, Android OS 2.2 Wireless: WiFi 802.11 b/g,Bluetooth Battery life 8-12 hrs (mixed mode) Language support: English, French, German,Japanese, Korean, Dutch,Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian,Portugal, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Screen: Arsenic-free display glass, BFR free, Mercury-free LCD display, PVC-free , Recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure Packaging: Power Adapter, Documentation Accessories: Adapter, Mini USB cable, Adapter

Viewsonic G-Tablet Case and USB Keyboard with Kick Stand – Custom built by GSAstoreTM to fit G-Tablet without covering any ports. 1 Year Seller Warranty.
publisher: GSAstoreTM
EAN: 0903432871234
price: $30.95 (new), $28.99 (used)

– Brand new and High quality.
– 1 Year Seller (GSAstore(tm)) Warranty.
– Customize by GSAstore(tm) for use with Viewsonic G-Tablet.
– High Quality Water Proof Keyboard. More Secure keyboard keys.
– External USB keyboard + carrying case w/stand for 10inch G-tablet/ZT-180 ePad Android Tablet PC.
– NOTE: G-Tablet DOES HAVE a standard USB port that is located under a plastice cover which is located between the power button and the mini USB port.
– High Quality Faux leather material for protection. Durable and comfortable.
– Taking your tablet pc with you has never been so easy and stylish.
– Built-in keyboard with usb cable enable tablet pc user for easy and quick type wherever and whenever.
– NOTE: The Left and Right Holding Tabs can be adjusted inwards slightly to provide firmer grip of the G-Tablet.
– Color: Black

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