Superpad Tablet Review

Superpad Tablet Review

This Superpad has brought the budget price range back to the entire world of Tablet buying. Most people don’t  have $500+ and willing to spend it on the next up  and coming new system. One good thing is this Superpad will come in at less than 50 % of this. However, does it operate how you really want it to?

Important Specifications for This Superpad

* Will cost you less than $200
* Was initially launched late 2010
* Includes Android 2. 1
* 10. 5 x 0. 5 x 6. 5 inches in size
* Weighs in at 1. 59 lbs. / 0. 72 kg
* 10. 2 inch display screen
* 1024 x 600 image resolution
* 4GB built-in memory space (can possibly be enhanced up to 32GB)
* FlyTouch ARM11 1GHz processor
* Wi-Fi connectivity
* 1. 3 MP camera
* 3-hour battery power lifespan

What’s Amazing Regarding the Superpad…

Cost: There isn’t any denying that this Superpad Tablet is actually low priced! Taking the price tag on it’s own, this will put it in the tablet wars! Obviously we all really know that low priced usually means that it will have a reduction in power and functions, therefore you should not expect to have something as ultra powerful as an Apple Ipad at this point. Nevertheless, it is fine that this kind of price range makes it available to most people. For people who want to buy some sort of tablet however, and are unable to pay the high-end selections, this is actually the ideal,  simple choice.

Design and style: Taking into account this really is in an extremely low price range, it does not appear bad at all. Additionally, it includes a good size display screen as well as good image resolution. It’s not going to appear as streamlined as the Apple Ipad, however this product still appears fine.

Camera: The digital camera that is included with this Superpad Tablet will be in no way likely to take the place of your present digital camera. Neither could it be as comprehensive as many of the additional tablet cameras on the market. Nevertheless, whenever you’re thinking about particularly higher price range tablet choices, it is a added bonus that there is some sort of digital camera incorporated at all! Don’t forget the Apple Ipad 1? did not actually incorporate a digital camera at the start as well as cost you $500+!

Android: If you happen to currently own an Android smartphone then you will find this tablet user-friendly. It is also very beneficial that presently there is this kind of low price Android tablet readily available. You’ll be able to gain access to the widely known Android Market app store, which is expanding constantly. However, you need to keep in mind with this lower processing strength and with this price range tablet, that not all apps are likely to act as they should do.

2x Micro-SD Slots: The inclusion of two micro-SD memory space slots is quite beneficial. It  means you will be able to update this 4GB memory space simply by around 32GB additional. This will take this space for storage much more in step with higher-end tablets, providing you with sufficient space for loads of music, videos as well as apps.

Ports: Besides the micro-SD slots, this Superpad additionally benefits from 2 USB 2. 0 ports, mini HDMI along with a normal headphone jack port. This inclusion involving USB (which systems like the apple ipad 2 do not even include) suggests you will possibly be able to connect an external keyboard, computer mouse or additional storage space. It additionally comes with an Ethernet port for wired online connections (Wi-Fi is included).

What’s Less than Amazing About This Superpad

Battery power Lifespan: The key factor involving tablet computer systems is that they are portable, which suggests you will require some sort of battery power that would last as long as you need. Regrettably this Superpad just has a 3-hour battery power existence. This is actually fine if you can charge it up inside your vehicle, or even if you just require it on short train journeys etc., nevertheless it isn’t really likely to last you for an extended length of time on the move!

Wi-fi: Some customers currently have revealed problems with the wi-fi connection dropping off frequently. This is not great if you happen to need the tablet to be connected to the web, and also for getting email messages.

No Multi-Touch Display Screen: This price range tablet does not have a multi-touch display screen. This means that it does not provide for  touching this display screen in two parts at the same time, and also the control buttons tend to be basic. However, it will perform the job, which is what you will expect to have for an under $200 tablet!

Storage space Space: This tablet comes along with 4GB storage space. You would expect to have less storage space from this price range tablet, however you also need to understand that the Android operating system occupies approximately 2GB space. This simply leaves a measly 2GB remaining. This is actually nothing at all in today’s conditions but at the very least you will be able to increase this storage space using the micro-SD slots.

Operating System: This tablet comes along with an older version of Android (2. 1) meaning that you may not have the ability to make use of all the readily available apps or even make make use of involving all functions this Android currently offers. Also these types of older Android systems weren’t directly created for tablets, meaning it may not be as user friendly as it should be.

Reliability: Due to the lower specifications, a few customers currently have revealed crashes or even problems applying particular apps as well as functions. Don’t forget, you will get whatever you pay for.


To put it briefly, this is actually the Superpad tablet for people who do not mind not having an ultra powerful system. You will probably be able to acquire office suite apps, check out your own email messages as well as surfing the internet. However, do not expect it to address the most powerful apps as well as online games in the same way a high-end tablet will be able to.



Fly touch 2 EPad 10.2´´ Android 2.1 Tablet with Webcam GPS SuperPad This Fly touch 2 (Flytouch II / SuperPad / WowPad) Android 2.1 10.2 inch Touch screen Tablet PC. It runs on the Android 2.1 platform. Support Android Market. CPU:Info TM X220 ARM11 1GHz 10.2 inch Full Touch High Resolution TFT [1024×600]. Video: Support HDMID 1080P/720P Build in GPS Support Adobe Flash 8 and below play More Android APad:

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Superpad 10.2″ Tablet PC Black Leather Executive Folio Case

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