Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review

When it comes to the search for a tablet to rival the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet has been billed as the answer. This tablet runs on the latest version of the Google Android operating system which is  growing in popularity and has a number of features in its favor. It’s a noticeable upgrade to the latest generation of Galaxy tablet, but is it a true iPad rival?

Key Specifications For The Samsung Galaxy Tablet

* Costs between $500-$600
* Released in 2011
* Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS
* 0.3 x 6.9 x 10.1 inches in size
* Weighs 1.2 lb./ 0.54 kg
* 10.1 inch display
* 1280×800 resolution
* 16GB or 32 GB storage options
* NVidia Tegra 2 Dual 1 GHz CPU
* Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
* Two cameras: 3MP and 2MP
* 10 hour battery life

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review: Android 3.1 Tablet Review
Is this ultra-thin Honeycomb tablet up to the task of taking on Apple´s iPad 2? Does it have the app support necessary to rival the iOS´ impressive catalog? Is there really a compelling reason to select this $499 tablet over Apple´s already-proven $499 tablet?


What’s great about the Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Battery life: With an advertised battery life of 10 hours, the  Galaxy is in the higher end of the scale, and a firm contender to IPAD 2. 10 hours is time enough to keep you busy for a long plane trip, even if activities like watching movies will deplete the battery faster on a tablet computer.

Cameras: The Galaxy Tab comes with two cameras. The front-facing 2 megapixel camera, is designed to chat through video across the Web. On the back you’ll find a 3-megapixel camera is designed for taking photographs or recording HD-quality video. You’ll still want to keep hold of your digital camera for high quality photography, but for a tablet these are good quality cameras that will do the job you need them to do.

Design: When it comes to size and weight, the Samsung Galaxy is King of the tablet world. Even if it’s just slightly lighter than the iPhone, there is a noticeable difference, given that you need to lift the units to use them. It looks pretty sleek, with a larger screen and a more detailed resolution than IPAD second.

The Galaxy does not look bad in any way, but some users have complained of a plasticky feel and is simply not as elegant as it could be. The  appearance is important in a world where you compete primarily with the likes of Apple.
Storage: There are two storage options for Samsung Galaxy Tab: 16GB and 32GB. This will be more than enough for most users, but some may be disappointed that it does not go up as high as 64 GB (an option that is included for the rival iPad).

Samsung Accessories: There is already a large range of accessories offered for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which has proven to be one of, if not the most, popular of Android tablets. More buyers means more room for adding to your device with a wide range of third party offers.

There are also the official Samsung accessories. The dock is especially noteworthy: It is important that you can get a dock if you’re the kind of person who wants to use their tablet to work with ease. Even on-screen keyboard works well (see notes below), it is still far easier to write using physical keys.

Flash Support: Unlike the Galaxy’s biggest rival (IPAD 2), this tablet supports Adobe Flash, thanks to the Android operating system. And it works very well on Web pages with Flash movies, games or other content.

What isn’t so great About Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The Keyboard: Many users have complained about the built-in keyboard, and both this and the older Samsung Galaxy Tablet models. The truth is that it can feel cramped, and slow to respond. This is not good news if you need to type up  much, but it has a fairly simple solution. Switch to Android Keyboard option under the Settings menu and you will find the keyboard works much more like you would want it to.

No SD Slot: Unlike older models of this tablet is the latest Samsung Galaxy Loss did not come with an SD card slot. This means that there is no way to upgrade the memory in the future, and no way to transfer files from a memory card on the tablet. Also lacks a USB port (although there is an add-on you can buy for that functionality). Note that these functions are also absent from most of the Galaxy’s rival, the iPhone 2.

No 3G or  4G Connection: Some users who want to go with the Samsung technology, but also want to stay connected via mobile broadband, may be disappointed that this feature is not yet available. The good news is that the 3G and the 4G tablets wil  start to ship soon. They have exactly the same specs, only one additional requirement to join a mobile contract (and pay a little extra for the privilege of owning the 3G 4G technologies like the iPhone 2).

In Conclusion

In response to the question about Samsung Galaxy is a rival to the iPad, the answer is mixed. The specs certainly do not blow the iPhone out of the water (except as Flash is concerned). Its price is virtually identical to the storage options. This is a well-designed tablet that looks good (not quite as elegant as the iPad) and performs well. Whether you choose for iPad or the Galaxy will depend on whether you prefer Android to Apple’s IOS. What is clear is that the Galaxy will certainly provide the  iPad a run for their money.

Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi)
publisher: Samsung IT
EAN: 0635753490879
sales rank: 483
price: $345.98 (new), $115.00 (used)

Samsung’s WiFi Galaxy Tab


Samsung Galaxy Tab Protective Leather Easel Case, Black

publisher: Samsung


EAN: 0635753488159

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price: $12.99 (new), $13.97 (used)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Protective Leather Easel Case ET-GTABBECGSTA gives your Galaxy Tab ultimate protection while remaining stylish and functional. The case easily converts from a stylish leather protector to a media viewing easel that displays your screen clearly and easily. It also features an elastic strap that secures your tab within the case. It’s made of high quality leather for premium protection. So protect your tab in style with this Protective Leather Easel Case.


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