Samsung Galaxy Note Review

Samsung Galaxy Note Evaluation

Samsung has truly attempted hard to conquer the tablet market, doing everything it can to rival or one-up the iPad. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and more lately the Galaxy Tab 2 have been the flagship contenders for Samsung, a somewhat neglected tablet additionally offered by Samsung is the Galaxy Note. It’s an exceptional gadget to the Galaxy Tab 2 in almost all means, and looks like much more of a difficulty to Apple’s dominance. So let’s see whether it’s a rewarding purchase.

Apple iPad 3

Key Specs For The Samsung Galaxy Note

  • RRP: $ 499 – $ 549
  • Release Year: 2012
  • Os: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Show Size: 10.1 inches
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • Cameras: 8 MP, 1.9 MP
  • Battery Life: 10 hours


Samsung Galaxy Note: The Pros

Quick: The first point to make about the Galaxy Note is that it’s quick. Not quite as quick as the iPad 3 sure, however not far behind. You’re unlikely to observe the difference. So whether you’re a gamer or just a casual individual, you’ll find things keep on going without a moment’s concern.

There’s no lag, menu navigation and animation is smooth, web searching is quick with pages taking no time to load. Generally, you truly do not require a faster tablet today– it does every little thing there is to do simply fine.

Multitasking: Similar to many brand-new high-end tablets, the Galaxy Note has a quad-core processor. Not only does this make the device quicker, however it also makes it better able to take care of numerous applications simultaneously. That implies it’s excellent for anybody who likes to multitask on their tablet. You want to note while hearing new music? No issue. You wish to watch a motion picture while browsing the internet? Go right ahead. This is a high-functioning gadget that delivers.

16GB Or 32GB Options: The Galaxy Note has 2 different storage space options: 16GB and 32GB. The 16GB option is good for those who don’t store much on their tablet, making use of cloud-based storage space for most their information.

The 32GB version provides a rather standard storage space capacity that competes with the iPad 3’s smaller sized option, as well as the majority of high-end Android tablets. Most users will certainly locate 32GB a sufficient quantity of storage space for their demands.

S Pen: The special selling point of the Galaxy Note is the S Pen. It’s the S Pen that offers the Galaxy Note its name– a stylus gadget that can easily be used for handwriting on the tablet. While other tablets have had pens, they tend to be similar to crayons in performance– bold and chunky writing, and not particularly receptive.

The S Pen is in a class of its own as tablet styluses go. Not only does it provide great line quality that can catch your handwriting with downright accuracy, however relying on just how tough you press down with the stylus you can easily get a darker or lighter line.

Samsung just weren’t only implying for this to work as a note-taking device however. It’s suggested to work in a similar fashion to a Wacom designer’s tablet that deals with Photoshop software. A unique Photoshop application has actually been made specifically to make the most of the S Pen, offering you the possibility to unleash true creativity with this tablet.

Receptive Screen: The Galaxy Note has an extremely receptive screen, with no delay or difficulty in getting touch commands to register. There’s never a discouraging moment when communicating with this gadget.

Nice Design: The design of the Galaxy Note is additionally worth discussing. It’s a smooth looking gadget that makes a clear statement of quality. From the clean lines and gloss finish to the back-plate, everything on the Note has been made with care and attention. This isn’t really an item that costs a bomb however looks inexpensive.

Great For Games: The high performance quad-core processor on board the Note is wonderful for gaming. There’s absolutely nothing you can play on an ipad 3, Toshiba Excite or Asus Transformer Prime that you cannot also play on this.

GPS: Similar to many high-end tablets, this consists of full GPS functionality. The GPS is quickly and offers a precise reading within 30 seconds. Not bad!

Excellent Wi-Fi: Some tablets deal with Wi-Fi signal concerns, suggesting that you can not stray too far from your router if you want to utilize the web. Thankfully the Samsung Galaxy Note has terrific signal pick-up, so you could enjoy it anywhere you ‘d expect your Wi-Fi to reach.

MicroSD Expansion Slot: An additional real strong-point, and one-up over Apple, is the inclusion of a microSD expansion slot. This enables you to broaden the storage capacity by up to 32GB, bringing overall storage to 64GB. That’s a reputable amount of storage space that rivals the iPad 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review
Here is Lisa Gade´s in-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy Note Android smartphone.  The Note has a 5.3”, 1280 x 800 pixel Super AMOLED HD display and it runs on a 1.4GHz dual core Exynos CPU. We look at the international GSM unlocked version that has 3G/4G HSPA+ 21Mbps on the AT&T bands.

Samsung Galaxy Note: The Downsides

No 64GB Option: In spite of the ability for storage expansion through the microSD slot, it’s a shame that Samsung could not have provided a 64GB standard storage space option as the Toshiba Excite and iPad 3 both do. That’s a definite downside, specifically for a device that’s partly designed for image modifying– something that can easily take up a fair amount of storage area.

Keyboard: This isn’t a huge grievance, however the default keyboard on the Note does not feel rather as good to make use of as the Galaxy Tab’s Swype keyboard. Maybe not everybody will certainly share this grievance, but it does look like a slight downgrade on the older keyboard.

No USB: Perhaps the biggest frustration with the Note is the lack of any USB port. Sure, the iPad 3 does not offer these either, however high-end Android devices generally provide USB hookup, even if it’s just tiny USB. If there’s an additional Galaxy Note to come, it should be good to see Samsung to treat this.

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 16GB Unlocked Android Smartphone – Dark Blue
publisher: Samsung
EAN: 8806071787770
sales rank: 3126

Is The Samsung Galaxy Note Worth Purchasing?

The short answer to this question is of course, the Galaxy Note is definitely worth acquiring. It’s a solid rival that stands alongside the Toshiba Excite, Asus Transformer Prime and iPad 3, amongst others, while providing its own unique perks. The major reasons that you could wish to choose a different tablet are the limited basic storage option of 32GB, and the absence of USB support. Otherwise, this is a superb product.


ToshibaWikipedia: Toshiba Corporation, earlier named Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K., is a Japanese multinational electronics, electrical equipment and information technology corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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