eReader Vs. Tablet PC, Which Is Right For You?

eReader Vs. Tablet PC

A hot debate is going on at the minute, because of the popularity of the big named gadgets like the Kindle and the iPad. That is the question, buying an eReader vs. Tablet PC. Which one is best for you and which is worth your money. Read on to get some clues on the eBook vs. Tablet debate.

What Do you want it For?

First things first let’s get one thing straight – an eReader is exactly that: an electronic book reader. Even though it has some extra functions, such as note-taking capabilities, dictionary, MP3 and possibly even also a basic web browser, it’s still really only designed for reading digital books.

A tablet, then again, is designed to be more of  a portable computer. It connects up to the internet, is able to send emails, play games, watch movies, or download hundreds of apps that do many various things.

So, when you’re deciding between an eReader vs. tablet PC, take into account they have distinct markets. The former is designed for people who really love to learn. Put simply it makes the reading experience as natural as they possibly can by using e-Ink (the closest you’ll get to “real” paper in a digital screen). The tablet, nevertheless, is not as comfortable to learn (having its more computer display), nevertheless it can do much more and can display videos and color.

The Amount Of Money You Have to Spend?

In the battle of eReader vs tablet PC, the former wins based on price. eReaders are a lot cheaper compared to most tablet computers. You can find tablets for a similar price to that of an eReader, but these are classified as the lower end options with far less powerful processors and less impressive stats. For the big boys, like iPad, you’re looking at $500 minimum. This is a lot of money if you are not sure if you will need one!

An eReader however, can cost as little as $100 for an excellent model. They’re easier to use, as well as the battery lasting for weeks at a time. As outlined above, this is certainly down to the fact that they’re created for one main purpose rather than many.

In the end it comes down to the question: “Simply how much do you love reading?” If you happen to truly love it, or are planning to read a great deal with your new eReader, then you’ll definitely want to go for a dedicated eReader. It isn’t the same reading from a tablet computer screen.

Nevertheless, if you’d rather have an all-round gadget that you can use to read with sometimes, nevertheless you can also use for movies, browsing usually the internet server, emails and even more, a tablet wins the eReader vs tablet PC debate!

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