Are Tablet Devices Perfect For Business

Internet Tablet devices like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, & others, are becoming increasingly popular among casual users who like to play games, surf the web & watch movies. But there is also a growing market in various types of businesses. There are some clear reasons why tablets are so big a hit among businesses & employees

The Role Of Tablet Devices In Presentations

Seeing someone reading a speech from a tablet is now a common occurrence. And more and more people are even connecting their tablets up to big screens to show presentations! Tablets are just perfect for this use, and businesses are really embracing them.

Using a tablet for your presentation means you can take advantage of the best apps to work on the presentation whether you’re at home, at work, or anywhere else! When you are ready to give the presentation, you don’t need to rely on the computers at the venue to work as they’re supposed to, and you won’t need to transfer your files. Simply hook up the tablet to the big screen and you’ll be ready to go.

As for using your tablet as a prompt, it won’t interfere with you delivering your speech one bit. Unlike laptops, tablets actually lay flat. They don’t get in the way of your face, meaning you’ll still be connected to the audience as you’re speaking.

Take Notes

When you’re in meetings or presentations, tablet devices are perfect for taking notes. If you’re wondering whether anything’s better than traditional pen and paper, then the answer is yes!

There are a few reasons for this, but the main fact is that you can input your notes into the tablet with a stylus in your regular handwriting. This means you can write just as fast, but once the meeting’s over your tablet will read your notes and let you search through them! This is something you just can’t do with handwritten notes.

Aside from the handwriting benefits, tablets are also extremely small and take up barely any space on your desk, in your bag, and in your hands. It’s easy to grab your iPad and go, and you won’t need to worry about carrying around extra notebooks or even a laptop anymore!

Stay Up To Date While You’re On The Move

Many people in business travel a lot, and tablets mean that you can turn travel time into productive time. You can stay up to date with colleagues over wireless, and take advantage of the many different productivity and office suite apps available to help you work on projects. Better still, wireless internet access means that tablets can even be used to send data back and forth between employees and a central business database.

Internet Tablet devices really aren’t just for entertainment! More and more businesses are now embracing tablet technology as a way to streamline their processes and get more done with less equipment.

IDC´s Bob O´Donnell on Media Tablets and Business Application
Bob O´Donnell, VP of IDC Research for Clients and Displays discusses Media Tablets in this TechTalk video and how they are being used in a business environment. He discusses a recent study that looks at tablet purchases by the enterprise vs. personal and usage thereafter. He also discusses how tablet usage impacts the usage of other devices. Are tablets cannibalizing the usage of other devices?

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